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We're the passion of our team

We love our work and we try to reflect this in every project. We are always obsessed with getting your project to an A+ level, so you can talk about how great we are.

Happy and motivated people

At Brainattica, we believe that people is the best competitive advantage. The best work is done by happy and motivated people.

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

For everyone of us, the best thing is to wake up every morning to share the day with brilliant people who feel passion about their job.

We believe teamwork culture inspires innovation.

We believe in originality, innovation and hard work. None of us here would do it any other way. We know that brilliant people make the difference.

Do things people love!

We believe that Software must be like a piece of music.

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One of our favourite parts of our work is to help people to get their dreams and ideas become reality. So, do you have an idea? Come and we will help you.


Smart Gate security
for everyone

Zuul is a cloud-based platform as a service which provides security, privacy and intelligence to guard and manage any door from anywhere with your smartphone.

It’s not just about security, it’s about being connected to what’s important to you.

  • Microservices architecture
  • Go, Node.js & Python microservices
  • Multiple Encryption levels with RSA Public-Key cryptosystem & AES 256-bits symmetric-Key
  • Machine learning

Find parking
wherever you go!

The best online resource to find parkings all over the world.

Just find parkings wherever you go and have no fear of not knowing where to park you car!

  • Node.js / Express / MongoDB
  • Single Page Aplication with Backbone.js + Marionette
  • Geographic information system (GIS)
  • Android App

Fashion Academy awards

Fashion Academy is a designers contest for enterpreneurs.

Register as a contestant or vote your favorite design.

  • Python Rest API
  • Node.js microservice
  • React Single Page Aplication
  • ECMAScript (ES6) / Babel / Webpack

the arts community

Created to connect with artists, professionals and companies from different artistic disciplines.

Find and contact other artists, professionals and companies that are of interest to you.

  • Microservices architecture
  • Go, Node.js & Python microservices
  • React Single Page Aplication
  • ECMAScript (ES6) / Babel / Webpack


Machine Learning for indentify the author of an email

Welcome to our first post about machine learning, It’s on the topic of Naive Bayes. We’re going to do something that can be easy but we think It's a really interesting application of machine learning. We’re going to identify who are the author of an email set.

Our first experience with React Native

We, at Brainattica, take too seriously native app development because We believe in getting the most out of your devices. But now Facebook (they are doing very well over the past months) has shipped (months ago) React Native and we think it's something we may test and have an strong opinion about it.

Mastering "Product Flavors" on Android

I've been asked sometimes on how to work with different hosts, icons, or even package names, deppending on different versions of the same app. There are lot of reasons to do this and one easy way to go: Product Flavors.



Do you want some app on the most used mobile platform? We always encourage to have a native version instead of a hybrid one


iOS is one of the most profitable platforms out there, so... Your app must be on the app store!


We love frontend and we use a lot of tools just to obtain the best results: Sass/Compass, Gulp, React, Backbone.js, Responsive Web Design, etc


One of our favorite languages of the last years. Great performance, community and backed by Google


Do you want real-time or a amazingly fast API? Maybe this is one of our favorite choices


With frameworks like Flask or Django we can achieve a perfect relationship between fast development and good product


SQL or NoSQL? We work with both of them and different technologies: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc


We love to automatize everything, from the development side (with testing) to the architecture. Using Vagrant to make development easier and tools like ansible or docker to deploy


We try to use the platform that fits your needs and has the best costs for you. No matter if it's IaaS or PaaS


Testing is the measurement of software quality. We use various types of testing: unit, integration, acceptance, stress and security. Software maintenance and evolution are impossible things without testing.


We use continuous integration and code reviews systematic practices in each project. The goal is improve quality of code, fix mistakes overlooked, find more efficient alternatives to the initial implementation and continuous improvement.

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